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Building Your Brand Through Genuine Connection & Brand Photos

In a world filled with glossy veneers and carefully curated personas, authenticity has emerged as the cornerstone of impactful branding. Your brand isn't just what you offer—it's about who you are. It's about the human connection you forge with your audience. When it comes to showing the real you, few tools are as powerful as branding photos.

Knowing who you are

Branding photos aren't just a nice backdrop and a blazer; they're windows into the soul of your brand. OKKKK I love a good back drop and blazer, BUT each image is an opportunity to convey your values, personality, and unique story. For instance, I love candles, I can buy them just about anywhere. I CHOOSE to buy my candles from Loon Lake Candles because she shares her heart, soul, mission and story that makes me love and connect with her business. She shares life outside of their business. Good and the bad. That is where I want to spend my candle money. I connect with her.

Embracing who you are

Embracing who you are begins with self-acceptance. It's about embracing your quirks, passions, and imperfections. When planning your branding photoshoot, focus on showcasing the elements that make you, well, you! Whether it's your infectious laughter, your love for adventure, or your unwavering dedication to your craft, let these facets of your personality shine through in your imagery. Sure we can make some fun photos from a backdrop, but let's get you to stand out as your unique self! Your funky kitchen, your vibrant office, the PNW! haha no really the sky's the limit and I'm usually down for an adventure, *cue me getting on a plane in June to head to Seattle to photograph Paint My Wedding Day live and in action while painting her ideal client!*

Choosing the right photographer

Collaborating with the right photographer is essential in capturing your authentic self. Look for someone who not only knows how to work a camera, but also understands your vision, values and wants to get to know you. I will not be for everyone. Not everyone will be for me. That is the B E A U T Y of this life, there are so many amazing photographers out there and businesses that will align with them sooo well. Make sure you choose someone who wants to help you succeeded and doesn't just want to take your money.

Setting the stage

Every aspect of your branding photoshoot should reflect your brand's personality and aesthetic. Consider incorporating props that are meaningful to you or choosing locations that hold special significance. Mood boards can also be a helpful tool in visualizing your vision and ensuring consistency throughout the shoot. Take my friend Julie from Julie's Eats and Treats, she is launching her cookbook this May and we for sure incorporated her famous chocolate chip cookies, frosting dripping from her whisk and of course her cook book. We planned, then we executed swiftly.

Communication is key

Effective communication is essential in bringing your branding photoshoot to life. Be open and honest with your photographer about your brand identity, values, and objectives. If you do not know those, hold off on getting your images and get that taken care of first!!! Photos won't mean a thing in your branding with out knowing who you are. Share your inspirations, ideas, and even share your insecurities, don't be afraid to speak up if something doesn't feel right. A collaborative approach will ensure that the final images authentically reflect your brand.

Embracing imperfection

Authenticity isn't about being perfect; it's about being real. Embrace your flaws, quirks, and vulnerabilities, as they are what make you human. Your audience will appreciate your authenticity far more than any polished facade. Don't be afraid to show the messy, imperfect, beautifully authentic parts of yourself in your branding photos. Sure, I have no problem removing a zit or crazy bruise you got on your shin from running into the couch the other night, but I will not alter your body or face in any other way. You're too beautiful.

Have you ever asked yourself; "How am I going to use these branding photos?"

Branding photos are like versatile tools in your brand's toolbox, ready to be wielded across a variety of platforms to tell your story in a vivid and captivating way. Let's say you're revamping your website; these photos will be front and center, welcoming visitors and giving them a glimpse into the heart and soul of your brand. On social media, they'll breathe life into your posts, making them stand out in crowded feeds and sparking conversations with your followers. And let's not forget about email newsletters—they're not just walls of text anymore. With these photos sprinkled throughout, your newsletters will be visually enticing, drawing readers in and keeping them engaged from start to finish. So, whether you're updating your LinkedIn profile, pitching to the media, or simply sharing your journey with the world, these branding photos will be there every step of the way, helping you shine bright and make your mark in the hearts and minds of your audience.

Showing up as YOU is the foundation upon meaningful connections are built. By showcasing your true self through branding photos, you invite others to join you on your journey and become a part of your story. So, embrace who you are, share your authentic self with the world, and watch as your brand catches the attention of your people.

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