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How to effortlessly coordinate outfits for your family photos!

Updated: Jan 28

 Ok...choosing family photo outfits starts with keeping things simple and comfortable , we don't want to make coordinating family outfits more stressful then it needs to be. In fact, with these 5 easy steps, you can make sure your family looks coordinated and feels their best without breaking a sweat. haha just kidding, you'll probably sweat. ;)

Ohhh the fun part! Clothes!

Step 1: Choose a color scheme. This could be as simple as picking one to four colors that everyone will wear, I love mixing neutrals and denim together, it creates a timeless look and most of the family probably already has pieces you could pull in to the shoot so you're not buying everything brand new. I love how the Klimek family mixed different shades of blues and neutrals for their spring family photos! They kept prints subtle and mixed timeless looks together for a cohesive aesthetic. Did you know you can add on a style package where I take some of the stress and work of finding outfits off of you! ;) It's new this year so...i'm pretty excited about it!

Step 2: Mix and match. Instead of trying to find the exact same outfit for everyone, mix and match different pieces that fit within your chosen color scheme. This way, everyone can express their individual style while still looking coordinated. Like Cooper in the shark tee, it's so him, he loves sharks and was so excited to show me his oufit and pose for photos! It's minimal, playful and gains cooperation! Being that the boys are fraternal twins, the matching jorts and sneakers was a fun way to be alittle matchy-matchy with out being too overdone. I always suggested finding minimal patterns for one or two of you, and keeping the rest in solids and playing with textures and layers to keep the images interesting!

Don't get caught up in something that isn't you or your family.

Step 3: Accessorize. Add some fun accessories like jewelry, belts and hats to tie the outfits together and add some personality.

Step 4: Layers. Make sure everyone feels comfortable in their chosen outfits, then add layers, they are always welcome and so visually appealing in photos! Sure, in the hot summer sun you might not want to pack on the layers, but a simple kimono over a silk slip dress and necklace with coordinating bangle bracelets offer layer that you won't regret! I love how Amber always chooses simple statement pieces with her outfits, I just love her necklace and bracelet and how it just enhances her look.

Have fun with it! Find the JOY!

Step 5: Remember that coordinating outfits should be a fun and enjoyable experience, so don't stress too much about getting everything perfect. Embrace the imperfections and enjoy your time with your family! I mean, their little ol' bikes and random shoes WILL make the photoshoot, proof in the photos above! LOL so don't forget to use humor to lighten up any wardrobe malfunctions the day of, I GOT YOU!

With these simple steps, you can coordinate family outfits in a stress-free and approachable way that I hope embodies a Missy Jones Photography kind of session! AND if you want, don't forget you can add on a style package where I take some of the stress and work of finding outfits off of you! ;)

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