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Getting Cozy with Missy: A peek into how I got to this point.

Hey babes! Missy here, and I'm pumped to share my cozy corner of the world. Imagine a spot where candles are always casting a magical glow, my fluffy babies Canon and Lucy are plotting lap invasions, and my partner in crime, Ryan, keeps the home fires burning. That's my sweet, chaotic haven, where nothing is perfect, but everything is enjoyed to the fullest.

Oh, did I mention i'm an auntie to a squad of littles? It's pure, heart-bursting bliss with them. I'm obsessed. They are so cute and when I hear "auntie missyyyy" I melt.

husband and wife with black lab
Meet Ryan & Lu! My hubby and our 2 year old black lab.

Ok, more about me...Do I live for mini adventures and tropical escapes? Heck yes! Do I love cozy nights at home, in theory... haha. I'm all about embracing a pace that feels open-ended (and, let's be real, changes more often than the weather). Writing about myself? It's a bit odd, but also kinda fun, and I hope it makes you wanna team up with me on any creative shenanigans you've got brewing!

I'm an Alexandria, MN native, surrounded by my little family. Growing up, I was the big sister "who knew it all", and have had a "glass is overflowing" vibe, finding joy even on the bumpy road. I grew up in a small, tight-knit family and would't have it any other way.

family photo in a field
My parents & brother

High school was my jam, only because I could socialize! I may have found myself in trouble on the weekends a time or two lol – However, English and the Arts were what I enjoyed, especially pottery, photography, and creative writing. So, finding something creative in college seemed like the logical next step. College opened doors to advertising and graphic design, a journey fueled by a burning desire to create. I had zero clue about my path, but I knew it had to involve crafting, creating relationships, telling stories, photos, and all things visually appealing. I've kinda got this innate knack for design and collaboration, whether it's crafting a cozy home, orchestrating a killer photo shoot, planning a group vacay or putting together an outfit that screams "me."

Side note: At 15, I kicked off my career journey donning a waitress apron, and by 25, I hung it up. But let me spill the real tea – it wasn't the apron I cherished; it was the epic connections forged in the chaos of the service industry...hmm, the service industry, it's always kinda been a part of me?

Post-college adventures led me to an advertising and graphic design gig back in my home town of Alexandria. Desk life, deadlines, and some dead ends – this job taught me the ropes and revealed my true desires. It was a whirlwind shaping my work ethic and creative skills, paving the way for the next chapters in my vivid journey.

Fast forward to Missy Jones Photography. I quit my job, upgraded to a Canon 6d from my Canon Rebel, upgraded my lenses & computer and hit the ground running. My photography journey started. From shooting shampoo bottles to capturing families, it went from a hobby to a lifestyle. I was a full time photographer from 2009-2018 and next, I embarked on a journey at Inherit Clothing Co. I met Amy, the owner from hosting a photography retreat years prior, and from that point on I became a super fan of Amy, her purpose and her clothing company! I started working part time helping with all things web, marketing & clothing + graphic design. This lead to full time as the marketing & creatives director and it was an amazing ride. I got to work alongside some of the strongest people I know, go to markets in Florida, Atlanta and Las Vegas while doing destination shoots in Pennsylvania and 30A on Rosemary beach. It was a dream.

Then, in June 2023 I felt the pull to return to full time photography. I still get to create content and contract with Inherit, so it's the bests of both worlds for me. I had to return to photography though, I missed the families. The kiddos. The babies. The magical moments that are so personal and unique. It also hit me...I didn't want to give up the burning need to help other small businesses, I dove into service based brands and started working on deep diving into helping them figure out who they are, highlight their brand and craft their voice and visuals to help tell their story. So now, here we are. Taking all the things I love so much and mashing it up into one little business, in my little corner of the world.

And as I stand here staring into the unknown, I can't predict every twist and turn that the future has in store, but you know what? I've got a pretty good guess, and it's looking pretty exciting! Small business, big dreams, am I right? I'm over-the-moon ecstatic to bring each and every one of you along for the ride. Buckle up, my friends, because I tend to be a pretty open book – both online and off. So get ready for the highs, the lows, the unexpected, and everything in between.

Love ya!

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